How Much is My Vehicle Worth?

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When you decide to trade in your car or sell it privately, clearly understanding its value becomes crucial to achieving your desired price. The appraisal process is responsible for determining the vehicle's value, involving a comprehensive inspection conducted by a professional car value appraiser to establish its selling price. Here at Jaguar London, we offer an overview of the online car appraisal process and the key factors influencing your car's value.

Jaguar London's 2-Step Appraisal Process


We strongly recommend utilizing our dealership's convenient online car appraisal service to thoroughly assess your car and obtain an estimate of its value in the used car market. Take the time to search for similar vehicles that closely match your car in terms of mileage, condition, trim, and features. This process will provide valuable insights, enabling you to understand your vehicle's market value better.


We suggest contacting Jaguar London to estimate your used car's value in Canada and access to a car value estimate. Contact our team to discover more about our evaluation process and determine your vehicle's trade-in value. You can visit our dealership for an in-person trade-in evaluation or conveniently use our online trade-in assessment tool from your home.

What Determines. Your car's Trade-In value?

Make and Model: Depending on the brand of our vehicle, the trade-in value can be better than others.

Age: Generally, as car ages, its value decreases.

Trim: The vehicle's trim level is of great importance as it encompasses the specific specifications of the engine, standard features, number of doors, colour, and other available options.

Condition: Rust spots, dents, and improper repairs can decrease the car's value. However, a well-maintained and well-cared-for vehicle will positively impact its overall value.

Options: Numerous car features can significantly influence its value, enhancing or diminishing it. For example, leather seats hold a higher value than standard cloth seats, while power windows are considered more valuable than manual ones. Factors such as the type of transmission, navigation options, sunroofs, and the type of wheels and tires also play a crucial role in determining a car's overall value.

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